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Heating meets Industrial Design
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Heating meets Industrial Design

  • HERZ DE LUXE in matt black

    Matt black is the absolute trend colour in interior design and above all impresses with its subtle elegance and timeless beauty. With the new valves and thermostatic heads of the DE LUXE series from HERZ, you can turn heating into a designer solution for new construction or renovation projects.

  • Small and compact

    With a length of 7.5 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm, the MINI DE LUXE thermostatic head is one of the smallest thermostatic heads with a liquid filled expanding element (hydro sensor) on the market.
    In conjunction with the proven HERZ thermostatic valves, it regulates the room temperature directly on individual radiators. The integrated liquid sensor (hydro sensor) reacts immediately to any change in the ambient temperature. The perfect interaction works completely automatically: the valve closes and opens depending on the current heat demand of the room. The room temperature thus constantly corresponds to the set comfort value.
    The HEART (HERZ) symbol marks the comfort point on the HERZ thermostatic head DE LUXE MINI. It indicates the optimally balanced setting for warmth and comfort. Individual adjustments to the room temperature are possible by turning the head.

  • An elegant connection

    Every model in the range of DE LUXE TS-3000 and DE LUXE VUA received black a matt colour update as well. The proven HERZ quality lies in the continuously adjustable thermostatic valve TS-98-V for two-pipe systems or TS-90 for one-pipe systems in the return (both valves can be shut off).
    The DE LUXE 3000 system is tailored to the connection of valve radiators: the models for one-pipe and two-pipe systems are available in straight or angle-pattern.
    The technical details: Radiator connection G 1/2 ”with O-ring, valve connection by means of freely rotating nuts, pipe connection M 22 x 1.5 with cone for compression sets, pipe connection center distance 50mm.

  • Competence meets design

    MINI DE LUXE thermostatic heads plus matching DE LUXE valve sets, compression sets and compression set covers are also available in white, chrome and vintage.


    MINI DE LUXE thermostatic heads
    DE LUXE TS-3000:
    DE LUXE 3000:

  • Design meets diversity

    The DE LUXE series offers more: total of 18 colours, thermostatic heads with various connections (M 28 x 1.5, “H” - M 30 x 1.5 and “D” with clips or snap-on mounting), thermostatic valves in several designs and return valves with pre-setting by means of stroke limitation, covers and other accessories. Discover the range: