Lai mēs varētu piedāvāt jūsu interesēm optimāli pielāgotu apmeklējuma pieredzi, šī vietne izmanto sīkdatnes. Šīs sīkdatnes ļauj identificēt datorus, bet ne izveidot savienojumu ar personu. Ja vēlaties pilnībā izmantot mūsu vietni, lūdzu, pieņemiet sīkdatnes.

Pieņemt sīkdatnes
Feel the Water


  • The clever solution for renovations

    When renovating bathrooms, underfloor heating is part of the feel-good atmosphere. HERZ FLOORIX enables the integration of underfloor heating circuits in radiator heating systems with little installation effort and, with two models, offers the right option based on customer requirements while taking the technical conditions into account.


    The HERZ FLOORFIX KOMPAKT is a set designed for flush mounting with an installation box made of insulating EPP with white cover. The compact HERZ thermostatic head MINI with a liquid filled expanding element (hydro sensor) regulates the appropriate comfort temperature within the range of 6 - 28°C. The medium temperature of the underfloor heating is regulated via the HERZ return temperature limiter MINI GS. It is installed directly in the individual room that needs to be heated.


    The FLOORFIX model is designed with a remote sensor, meaning that the inspection opening of the junction box can also be aligned with the neighboring room. It is installed in a flush-mounted metal box, optionally with a white or chrome-plated front cover.