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PICVs and district heating substations
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PICVs and district heating substations

  • Flanged giant in heating and cooling systems

    Multifunctional - this is how the PICV from HERZ presents itself: regulating valve, differential pressure regulator and shut-off valve are combined in compact form. In the flanged version F4006, the HERZ PICV automatically keeps the volume flow in the selected system part at the preset value by measuring and regulating all pressure fluctuations. Another advantage is the savings in assembly time and costs.

  • Everything is under control

    The HERZ PICV DN 250 HF (High Flow) with an adjustable flow rate of 102.5 to 410 m³ / h and a maximum differential pressure of 4 bar is the new star of the F4006 series and is already internationally successful in large hotel complexes and shopping malls as well as residential complexes. With its extensive product range, the F4006 series offers the right type for every project: in addition to the DN 250 HF, the HERZ PICV is also available in DN 50 and DN 65, over DN 80, DN 100, DN 120, DN 150 and DN 200 in the versions Standard Flow, High Flow and Ultra High Flow. All combination valves can be combined with 2-point, 3-point or continuous actuators.

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  • The compact all-in-one concept

    The HERZ PICV is also used in district heating and building substations from HERZ. These complete solutions for heat transfer requirements are manufactured including all the necessary hydraulic and control components. The standard model of a district heating substation includes a heat exchanger, a PICV, an electric actuator, a speed-controlled circulation pump, temperature and pressure measuring devices, strainers, non-return valves and a Spring safety valve. The XF 5000 microprocessor controls the operation of the district heating substation and ensures an efficient heat supply.

  • The individual project solution

    The HERZ district heating and building transfer stations can also be manufactured according to special requirements: each substation is planned and produced in accordance with the technical guidelines of the energy provider, the dimensions of the substation are adapted to the intended assembly area. In coordination between the customer and the HERZ technology department, tailor-made solutions are created according to the individual project requirements.
    All district heating and building transfer stations developed by HERZ are linked by certified production, the compact design and the savings in installation costs and time through the "plug and heat" functionality. We pay particular attention to training users in the operation and maintenance of the substations as well as providing services during and after the warranty period.