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Underfloor heating and cooling
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Underfloor heating and cooling

  • Systematic underfloor heating and cooling

    At HERZ you will find an extensive, coordinated range of products for everything to do with underfloor heating and cooling: from pipes to mounting systems including accessories, control stations and distributors to solutions for regulating the room temperature.

  • HERZ 5-layer PE-RT pipe family

    The HERZ PE-RT-5-layer pipes are suitable for use in underfloor, wall heating, concrete core activation, cooling ceilings, energy floors, open space and industrial surface heating. As a 5-layer PE-RT plastic pipe or 5-layer PE-RT aluminum composite pipe, the HERZ pipe has a PE-RT outer sleeve to protect the oxygen barrier layer from mechanical damage and is oxygen diffusion-tight according to DIN 4726.

  • The right connection

    PIPEFIX, the pipe and connection system certified in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 21003, is made of dezincification-resistant and drinking water hygienic brass. The tightness is guaranteed by 2 O-rings. The pressing is carried out using a stainless steel press sleeve. In the unpressed state, the system is leaky (up to Ø 40 mm) - so unpressed areas can be reliably found during the leak test. The press fittings are available in all common designs (angle, coupling, reduction, T-piece, etc.) and are available up to dimension 75mm. To check the correct insertion depth of the pipe, viewing windows are attached to the compression sleeves. The aluminium layer and fitting are galvanically separated with a centring ring.

  • Laying with a system

    With HERZ nopp or tacker plates as well as clip rails, there are various assembly systems to choose from. These plates are suitable for pipes with a diameter of 14 - 17 mm and, with their special nopped design, guarantee that the heating pipe is held securely. Thanks to the "nopp on nopp" principle, laying is practically possible without waste. The HERZ nopped panels are optionally available with impact sound insulation or as a 1 mm thick polystyrene film for laying on thermal and impact sound insulation. The HERZ tacker plate made of EPS 70 or EPS 100 is coated with a PP fabric film - special tacker needles ensure simple and efficient pipe fastening. Mounting using a clip rail with molded pipe retaining clips enables an individual, project-specific substructure.

  • Optimally distributed

    For the distribution of heat and cold, we recommend the modular manifolds made of brass, stainless steel and plastic from HERZ. They are designed as standard with a drain and vent valve in the flow and return manifold as well as sound-insulated fastening brackets. For connection to the manifolds, cone-sealing compression fittings are available for different pipe dimensions. The flow meter versions up to 3 l / min or up to 6 l / min are also available. In the product variant with thermostat upper parts (M 28 x 1.5) in the return manifold, the distributors can optionally be equipped with thermal actuators for individual room temperature control.

    HERZ Plastic distributor UNI MINI:

    HERZ Brass manifold:

    HERZ Stainless steel manifold:

  • Individual heating

    The HERZ COMPACTFLOOR enables individual heating of rooms and is a ready-to-connect control station that includes a high-efficiency circulation pump. The HERZ COMPACTFLOOR is available in different models: for direct connection of underfloor heating to a high temperature system (either with or without high temperature outlets), for direct connection using a separating heat exchanger and with all the equipment required for the secondary low temperature circuit (expansion tank, safety valve...).

  • Guaranteed to feel good

    HERZ also offers a wide range of different components for control of underfloor heating and cooling: electronic room temperature controllers with or without display, available in operating voltages 230 V or 24 V in connection with electrical distributors with suitable actuating drives.